Random Post 2-Some Extra Hobbies Added

Good evening friends! I’ve just discovered some new hobbies of mine. I’ve got a school project of sculpting animals and I’ve decided that clay is DEFINITELY one of my hobbies.  I’ve also happened to get into cursive calligraphy and 3D writing. This has become one of my hobbies, thanks to two of my inspiring classmates- Amber and Amelie. They are absolutely incredible in calligraphy! Another (yes another :D)  so called hobby is decorating plain pencils. I ❤ decorating pencils because it fills out those plain,  terrible  empty areas. As you may ( or may not ) know, I love being colourful. This hobby of mine really matches my  personality! Remember, these are not all of my hobbies, they’re just new hobbies added to my  long extremely long list.

Have you discovered any new hobbies of yours?

This is Mirra signing off today’s post!

~Mirra 🙂


7 thoughts on “Random Post 2-Some Extra Hobbies Added

  1. Ooh, I absolutely love clay and calligraphy too! I would love to see a post with pictures of your work, Mirra! 😀 What is your favorite thing to sculpt from clay? I like making really tiny things. 🙂

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