Interview Swap with Mukta @ Born Free



Good day friends! I’m doing my first ever interview swap with my bloggy friend, Mukta @ Born Free. You can check out her awesome blog here. I wanted to do this interview swap, just because I love to be an interviewee and I love talking about blogging.

Anyways, let’s get started with the interview. ( Mukta’s questions will be in blue, and my answers will be in purple. )

Question 1: What makes you want to blog?

Answer 1:  The thing that makes me want to blog is so I can make new friends, get new ideas and share my views with others. 

Question 2: What genres do you blog about?

Answer 2:  The genres I mainly blog about are- Adventure, Fantasy, Books, Magical Places, Nonfiction (travel) and Stories.

Question 3: How do you maintain your blog?

Answer 3:  I spare a little bit of time almost everyday to write, and that’s basically how I maintain my blog.

Question 4: Since your blog is mainly about writing, can you give any writing tips?

Answer 4: My main writing tips are – actively read, have big dreams and interact with the audience.

Question 5: What kind of readers do you expect for your blog?

Answer 5:  I expect readers who have a passion for books, writing, nature,fantasy and so on.

Question 6: What reaction do you expect from your readers after reading a post?

Answer 6: I don’t really expect a reaction, all I expect is that my readers enjoy my blog.

Question 7: Do you have anything to say to new bloggers?

Answer 7: I just want to say, if you’re a new blogger, you should have a real passion for what you’re blogging about.

Click here if you would like to see Mukta’s answers to my questions. Also, Mukta designed the header for me. 😀

So that’s all friends!

~Mirra 🙂



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