The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi viewers! I’m officially part of the Sunshine Blogger Award tag!

Tagged by Rutvi.

Thank you so much for nominating me for this tag, Rutvi!


What are your thoughts on hats?

I personally like hats, since where I live is boiling hot and they protect me from UV rays.

What is your favourite and least favourite word?

My fave word is Write and my least favourite word is Unimaginative.

What is your favourite old movie?

Mine is Mary Poppins! ( the old version )

Your thoughts on stereotypical princess stories?

I used to LOVE princess stories, but now I’m getting old for them and I’m really bored of them.

Would you rather live without any eyelashes or without eyebrows for a day?

I’d live without no eyebrows for a day!

Would you rather be fluent in French or Greek?

I’d be fluent in French, because my second language in school is French.

Sweatpants or leggings?


Hoodies or sweatshirts?


Have you ever broken something important?

I haven’t… YET!

Do you prefer to use metaphors or similes? Why?

I prefer metaphors because, well, it matches my style of writing.


I nominate:

( some of you might’ve been nominated before, but please do answer my questions.)







My questions:

Do you like red pandas or black and white pandas?

Would you rather have a backpack or a messenger bag?

What’s your favourite flower?

Jeans, leggings or jeggings?

Which language would you love to learn?

What’s your favourite book?


That’s all for now. If you’ve been nominated, do answer the questions.

~Mirra 🙂


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