The Sunshine Blogger Award… AGAIN!!!

Hi friends! So this is officially my second Sunshine Blogger Award post, and my FOURTH time getting tagged! Thank you so much- Rutvi (I’ve answered your questions on a previous post, since you nominated me quite a while back), Gayatri, May and Violet. Thanks once again,taggers! I unfortunately do not know a lot of bloggers, so I can only give 11 questions and I will only be nominating 11 people, though I have 33 questions to answer. Let’s get on with the post!

The Rules:

Thank the nominator, ask 11 questions, nominate 11 people to answer the questions

May‘s Questions

What do you do on a daily basis? I read books, write poems and study daily.

Where would you like to travel to one day? I’ve always wanted to travel to Paris.

What would be your dream future? My dream future would be me, reading a novel that I’ve written!

What positive things do you see when you look in the mirror? I see the groomed Mirra! XD

How has blogging influenced you? Blogging has made me improve on my writing, and the people I’ve met so far in my blogging journey have really inspired me.

If you had one free day to do what you want, what would you do? I’d challenge myself to write a 5000 word story!

What’s a smell that you absolutely LOVE? I love the smell of lavender and vanilla.

Who do you look up to and why? I look up to my parents, since there is no role model who inspires me more than them.

If you could only pursue one hobby, what would it be? Of course, writing!

What’s your favorite food??? Books, books, books. There is nothing better than eating books.

And finally, look up at the ceiling and name the first five things that pop into your mind.  Purple flowers, my ballpoint pen, my journal, palm trees and my iPad.

Gayatri‘s Questions

What according to you is the best thing in the world? HARRY POTTER, since I’m a FANATIC

Are you an Introvert or Extrovert? I’m an ambivert, you know, the one in between.

If you were to have one dominion/superpower in this world, what would it be? Invisibility and transfiguration (like Professor McGonagall)

Why do you blog? I blog because I love sharing my thoughts and writing with the rest of the world.

What is your hobby? My hobby is mainly eating my way through books! (you know, books are my most favourite and delicious food.)

Name at least 5 things which make you livid. People who criticise Harry Potter, Bullying, When people get confused with homophones,(I know this isn’t a big thing to get furious on, but it really does get on my nerves)When I have to redo something that I’ve put a lot of effort on and finally when someone hurts me physically/emotionally on purpose.

Which your favourite website/blog? I have many favourites, so if you know that I follow your blog, that means I loooovveee it!

Which your favourite sport? I love swimming and running.

Which is your favourite flower? Lilies, especially tiger lilies!

Do you like dark or light colours? I like light, pastel colours.

Finally, your favourite font (as I saw on Mukta’s blog that there are many font freaks on WordPress)? I have two main faves- Mellanie and Bromello. They’re both free fonts, so check them out if you haven’t already!

Violet‘s Questions

What is the most complex book you have ever read? I don’t remember reading a complex book, seriously!

What is one crazy obsession that you have? Getting myself lost in reading  eating books!

What is your favorite part of blogging? How I can express myself through words.

What is one song that you absolutely love and will never get tired of? I’m not a music addict so ???

Are you a morning person or a night person? Mirra, the night owl!

What is the story behind your blog name? I’ve actually written an old post about this, so click here if you want to read it!

What is one of your favorite posts on your blog? I’m pretty happy with my poem- Pain!

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? I’m happy with my life, so should I say… Nothing at all!

If today was your last day to live, what would you do? I’d make the most of every second given to me!

If you could take over the world and become its supreme leader, would you? No, I wouldn’t!

Finally, What is one sentence that is your life motto? My life motto is – Live your life as you.

I nominate:

Clara, Madi, Kellyn, Samantha, Rutvi, Angela, Anya, Poison Ivy, Allison, Mahriya, Arunima

My questions:

  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. Who influences you?
  3. Do you enjoy school?
  4. What are your aspirations?
  5. What was your first blog post about?
  6. Who’s your favourite author?
  7. Do you play a musical instrument?
  8. Have you always wanted your life to be endless?
  9. Describe life in 3 words.
  10. Do you like bunnies or kittens?
  11. Which type of chocolate is your favourite?

Did you survive this post? If you did, you deserve a standing ovation.

So long!

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