Blog Buttons Page!

Hi everyone! I’ve now made a blog buttons page,which you can check out here. You can comment on this post, if you would like to swap buttons with me, or you can comment on the page. If you don’r know what blog buttons are, they are basically mini advertisements which show people what your blog is about.

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My button:


I hope you tell me if you’d like to swap in the comments!



14 thoughts on “Blog Buttons Page!

  1. Hey there, Mirra. I suppose that to swap a button, you have to go to a blog and ask the author if she would like to. Because I don’t remember making a button, and my header is most certainly not. And I didn’t make a button for Gayatri either. Buttons are quite different from blog headers. Before you put a button up, do make sure that the blog’s owner has put up yours too, won’t you? Because that’s the whole point of swapping.

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