When Was The Frown Going To Be A Smile?

Eva closed her eyes in pain, in shock. She couldn’t bear losing her. Her best friend. Tears jogged out of her eyes like crazy.


Vroom! Vroom! Cars zoomed along the road, and many people were ambling along the pathways. Eva was clutching her close friend Diana’s hand, and they were chatting away about school, homework, and a project they were planning to work on. Both of them had instant ideas, the project seemed ever so easy. Diana was excited, incredibly excited, so she began hopping on the narrow pathway. Eva felt a tinge of nervousness hitting her, warning her that something terrible would happen. Nevertheless, she joined in the fun. Her best friend was having fun, thinking about working on the project, which also meant that Eva was going to join in with her.
“Yay, this is going to be very fun!” exclaimed Diana.
Eva nodded her head, smiling, until…

” DIANA! WATCH OUT!” Eva screamed with terror. Diana didn’t understand where she was standing, she was lost in her own world. Diana was standing facing a large truck, which she never seemed to understand.
” DIANA!” Eva screamed. She sprinted towards Diana, but it was too late. The fun turned upside-down. The fun was an accident. Her life came to a full stop.

Eva couldn’t believe it. She choked, she cried. Over the time of just ten minutes, she had formed a mountain of tears. She wanted to stop being tearful, she wanted to turn the frown the other way round. She was willing to smile, and she was determined to figure a way out. She would smile. Somehow.


Three months later, Eva had changed. She began smiling, thinking of the sweet times she had been with Diana. She ached for her best friend, but it was still a smile, not a frown. The gorgeous memories of the friends spending time together had altogether changed Eva as a person. She was not going to be negative about the loss of Diana, she was going to be positive. It was a huge smile indeed.


15 thoughts on “When Was The Frown Going To Be A Smile?

  1. Great short story, Mirra! If you wanted to expand this though to make it an even better short story, you may want to focus on Eva’s feelings because it’s a bit hard to understand how her feelings changed so quickly towards her close friend Diana. I hope you don’t mind my honest words about your writing. I encourage you to keep writing; your stories are short and sweet 🙂
    Thanks so much for being an active liker on my blog!
    Have a great day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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