Nature Poetry Contest

Hey there, readers! I’m hosting a poetry contest! (Well, you can tell by the featured image + title) The rules will be listed below the divider.

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The Very Simple Rules:

Entering this contest is very simple. All you need to do is to comment down below with a poem about nature! Sounds simple, huh?! But you need to follow a few rules.

  1. Make sure your words used in your poem are very clean.
  2. Your poem should have an element of nature in it.
  3. You are allowed to enter only ONE poem.
  4. You are NOT ALLOWED to copy someone else’s poem.

I will be picking three winners, who will get a mini button to display in their blog’s sidebar, but winning doesn’t really matter. Participation is key! If you participate in this contest, award yourself with a pat on your back πŸ™‚ The deadline is on 2nd May, so you’ve got about five days to enter! The winners’ poems will be featured in a separate post!

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Good luck, participants! I hope you all enter πŸ˜€ Many thanks to Brooke for the idea πŸ˜€



62 thoughts on “Nature Poetry Contest

  1. Ooh, this sounds neat, Mirra! I think I will enter if I can think of a good poem. πŸ™‚ I do have one question: can it be a poem I’ve already made up or do I have to make it up now?

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  2. How neat! Here’s my entry:


    It crashes down in froth and foam,
    Down the pier it’s torrents roam.
    It’s salty mists rise in the air,
    Spraying my face as I stare.

    The waves crash upon the rocks,
    I stand glaring, quite flummoxed.
    The roar drowns out every sound,
    I spot a wreckage running aground.

    But even though it’s wild,
    And dangerous beyond human measure.
    Yet still I feel at home within its grasp,
    And I feel a certain pleasure.

    It’s waters are running to wherever,
    And my heart runs away, bit by bit.
    It’s waves are flowing far away,
    And somehow, my heart flows with it.

    Ugh, it’s really bad. It’ll do, though. πŸ˜€

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  3. Okay, I’m going to enter! Here goes….

    The Calm After the Storm/strong>

    wind subsides
    thunder fades
    raindrops slowly cease
    a whisper
    as the green earth sighs
    glad to be at peace

    bathes the soaking earth
    each blade bowing low
    windswept trees
    with dripping leaves
    the golden glow


    I used some HTML to put the title in bold text and the poem in italics so you might want to go to this post and look at this comment to see the correct formatting. πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting this, Mirra!

    -Clara ❀

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  4. Ugh, it messed up the formatting. XD Lemme try again:

    The Calm After the Storm

    wind subsides
    thunder fades
    raindrops slowly cease
    a whisper
    as the green earth sighs
    glad to be at peace

    bathes the soaking earth
    each blade bowing low
    windswept trees
    with dripping leaves
    the golden glow


    I hope it works this time!!

    -Clara ❀

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      • Okay! Here is the entry!


        People are flowers

        on the same vine

        When the flowers grow closer

        their lives will entwine

        They’ll become good friends

        Like me & like you

        And if they’re always friends,

        They will always be true

        So never forget

        But always remember

        These good friends

        Who changed your life for the better

        These good friends,

        Are never forgotten

        Because what they did

        Was what they did often

        They played with the young

        They made friends with the old

        Their deeds, I might say,

        Will always be told

        These honorable people

        Their lives will entwine

        With the people/flowers

        That are on the same vine

        She’s only 10 years old!!! I can’t even write poetry that good. πŸ˜€

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  5. Okay, here’s my entry.

    Half-Spring by Kellyn Roth

    So many things
    That remind us of springs
    That have already passed
    Are here.

    Like robins and flowers
    And half-sunny hours
    And prancing of baby

    Yet the air is so crisp
    The wind is so brisk
    And the sky keeps on pouring down

    When will spring come?
    It arrives some by some
    And soon we’ll see things aren’t the

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  6. I will totally do this! here’s my poem.


    The Sky, by Danielle

    The sky is up above us all.
    It is much farther than a wall.
    It changes every minute, day,
    For it is never the same way.

    Sometimes it is a bright, bright blue,
    With puffy clouds that like to move.
    It then grows darker than darkest black.
    Stars shoot by as on a racetrack.

    Constellations swirl together.
    Clouds that are as light as feathers
    Will block their bright silvery white shine,
    And Moon will lie inside his shrine.

    Some other times the sky grows dark,
    But this time for lightning to spark.
    Thunder booms like pounding footsteps
    It’s a giant to his doorstep.

    Clouds will turn a deep, deep purple,
    They’ll swirl together in turmoil.
    And then big, fat drops of water fall.
    Don’t worry some are very small.

    Then gray clouds will clear up,
    And Sun will tip like a teacup,
    To pour his golden light upon us
    To light the world like he must.

    Soon Sun begins to shrink below.
    The clouds line up in a neat row.
    The edge turns red, yellow, pink, orange,
    And Sun and Moon start to exchange.


    I hope you like it! It was an old homework assignment.

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  7. Love the idea! Here’s mine:


    Just a few words, but all the others are about war, so maybe not them!
    ~Emily x

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  8. Hi Mirra! Here’s my poem:

    Art of Nature

    As golden as the sunset glow
    As serene as the sea
    As beautiful as roses
    Blazing like the embers,
    As sweet as strawberries
    As bright as a shooting star
    As new as the morning sun
    As rare as an eclipse
    The Art of Nature

    I love the idea of the contest. It’s a short poem but I thought it fitted the theme.

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  9. Okay, here’s my poem! I noticed a lot of people wrote about rain, and so did I. XD I wrote this awhile ago, so I hope that’s okay. πŸ˜‰


    The gray sky is haggard, torn
    Between fierce fiery moods
    And grumbling complaints.

    The clouds are worn, down
    Inside their cotton ball bodies
    They give up, give in, and break apart.

    It hurts, this breaking. Up
    From their foggy hearts
    The liquid ache runs over.

    Soft rounded tears fall, gently
    At first, a misty wistful sigh.
    Then faster, the angry fire taking over.

    Their voices rage and moan, cracking
    And wailing in breaths invisible
    But to the grass and trees, bending to make way.

    Their hearts are breaking, shattering
    Into heavy, bleeding shards of clearest glass
    That do not cut, but pummel you with soaking fist.

    The drops are fatter now, gorged
    On the anger of the heavens
    But fragile as the daintiest of flowers.

    At last their tears put out all fires, save one
    Spark, a tiny, happy thing that has not learned
    The anger of its fathers.

    The wailing slows. The clouds look on
    The joyous spark with growing wonder.
    They remember what it is to smile.

    The spark looks up, startled
    At the sudden quiet, and feels
    A sudden warmth of smiles.

    It soaks up all the warmth, growing
    Faster and faster with each happy face.
    Until it swells, beaming, into one great ball of light.

    The tears dwindle, then stop,
    Save a few last sniffling drops
    That fall, ashamed and lonely, to the ground.

    Suddenly the golden, gleaming orb breaks
    Into laughter. And with that, the clouds’ hearts are won.
    They adopt the orphan spark, and call him “Son.”

    Phew, that was VERY long. XD I hope you liked it, Mirra!

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  10. Here’s mine:

    flowers in the fields
    are like gems
    dotting the wavy green gown.
    beauty is unimportant
    but these petals have it.
    they’re joy,
    they brighten my day,
    like fireflies at dusk.

    I hope you like it!

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  11. My sorta late and cringy poem:


    Swelling in my chest,
    Filling up my lungs,
    Dancing by the words
    That dribble past my tongue,

    Fulfilling like sunshine
    Lighting up the rooms,
    Silent and noiseless
    Like the nickel-silver moon,

    That plays with the trees,
    That meets with the seas,
    There is something…
    Something about the breeze.

    No hopes of winning. πŸ˜› All the other poems are so good!

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  12. Hi, Mirra! I finally decided which poem to submit. I hope you like it! It’s a free verse. πŸ™‚



    The Mountains stand

    Tall and strong.

    Mist floats above

    Hugging the peaks

    Of their glorious spires.

    A crown upon the land,

    A symbol of the power

    That is this Earth.

    The soil I stand on

    Hails the great rocks

    And the trees bow

    To Her power.

    For incomparable

    Is the grace and majesty

    Of the Mountains.

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  13. Stumbling upon the rocky road forbidden

    new path still allures despite the troubles even,

    fueling the dreams unknown as the country side does beckon

    Doesn’t matter what one likes and even hell becomes heaven.

    Walking along that dusty path, drinking the water of the brook

    somber heart heals itself by leaping out of the worldly nook,

    and happily it faces the nature’s wildest ire

    conquering the mighty thirst to win over my heart’s desire.

    Twisting the tales of time and fate

    breaking every barrier, opening each gate,

    pursuing the dreams in an utopian land

    in the deepest waters or on the wet sand

    As I encounter the natural heaven,

    as the rusty thoughts boil down to craven

    Flight of fancy of the creator

    It’s time I sing the song of summer

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