The Worry Doll {Part 1}

Ella didn’t want it to be the next day, her worst day of her life. She wanted to avoid School Camp. She was just useless in outdoor activities. She had no choice though. She tossed and turned in her pillow, unable to shut her terrified eyelids. That was it. What would happen if she got stuck on the twenty metre high ropes? What would happen if she fell straight down the cliff and straight into the mucky water? What would happen if she couldn’t abseil? Ella had absolutely no hope at all. She restlessly moved all around her bed. She longed for help and support. No one at School Camp would ever help her. They would just tease and giggle at her. What would Ella even do?

A few moments later, the lights in Ella’s bedroom flashed on, and Ella’s grandmother arrived with a small doll with wool for hair and fabric for a dress. The doll smiled serenely, kindly and lovingly at Ella. The doll’s smile soothed her.
“Ella, this is a Worry Doll,” her grandma uttered. “Go on, tell your worries to it and they’ll vanish the next day. I know you’re afraid of all of the School Camp activities, which is why I made this for you. Ella dear, all you need to do is believe. The doll will really assist you when you’re in need,” her grandmother continued.
Ella pulled her grandma into a huge hug, thanking her endlessly.

Ella’s grandmother went off to her bedroom to sleep, and Ella smiled. She had the most amazing, beloved grandma indeed. Ella gently stroked the Worry Doll, and whispered to it about the worries she had, and how horrified she felt. It seemed like the doll was listening to every single word Ella was telling it.

Ella felt much better, she was ready for School Camp. The Worry Doll would be coming with her, and she wouldn’t care about everyone teasing her. The Worry Doll was her caring defence.


33 thoughts on “The Worry Doll {Part 1}

  1. Aww, this is cute! I haven’t heard of worry dolls before, but they sound helpful because I worry about so many things, haha. πŸ™‚ Will you be posting the rest on your blog soon?

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