Hey there friends! I truly apologise, my last post was six days ago! I’ll try my best to post, once these assessments are out of my head. I’ve been overloaded with piles of homework and tests. Okay, let’s forget the randomness and get on with the post!

Words are like a form of art. They are the only things which let me express myself to a large crowd of readers. I’m an ambivert(eighty percent introvert and twenty percent extrovert) and I tend to show my true self by the words I write, since I spend so much time with myself. It’s amazing how words paint a picture or scene, according to the words used.  Some words make readers feel good, while other words make them burst into tears, or even shiver with fear. Words are just incredible. All you have to do is manipulate them according to the atmosphere/feel/theme of your piece of writing. I rely on words all the time, they’re one of my horcruxes.(only true Potterheads will know what horcruxes are). I owe you, words. You’ve made me… ME!!! Words will always be a part of my personality.

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Opinions on this post? Do let me know what you fellow writers think. Can you relate to this post?

*updated signoff coming soon*

14 thoughts on “Words

  1. I can definitely relate. I go back and read my old works sometimes, and it amazes me how much I unintentionally wrote about myself and my feelings. I make myself cry sometimes (either because it’s super heartbreaking or my character is just too adorable XD)!

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