Feel (a poem inspired by Danielle)

You can feel a ton of things
Some put a huge smile on your face
While others make your eyes water
Or make your brain to rush with fury
You might feel excited to do something
Or feel terrified thinking about what’s next
But shame might kick in at the same time
You might feel victory
Like punching your fists into the air
Or you might feel
Very needy
And ask someone for a hug
The big truth is that, though
Each person will feel different
Yet the same
All you need to do
Is respect others’ feelings.

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Do you like my poem? It was inspired by Danielle‘s  poem-  Emotions.

See you soon!



35 thoughts on “Feel (a poem inspired by Danielle)

  1. Hi Mirra!

    I wanted to thank you for getting involved in my blogging project earlier! Did you let those five bloggers know that you chose them?

    Thanks again! Keep an eye on my blog, three winners will be announced and will be featured on my blog.


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