Koala Sanctuary Photo Dump

Hey friends! I visited the Koala Sanctuary with my parents yesterday and we had an awesome time 😀 The sanctuary did have different types of animals in it, not JUST koalas. Now, let’s get on with the photos! Also, apologies for the awful photo clarity. The sanctuary was VERY VERY crowded, and they kept pushing and shoving when I was taking pictures.

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They’re so cute!!!!!! ♥♥♥ I even cuddled a koala! They’re extremely soft.

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black and red-tailed cockatoo
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white and yellow cockatoo
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pink and white cockatoo

The kookaburras laugh just like us humans XD

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Image result for lone pine koala sanctuary kangaroos

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What do you think? Did you enjoy looking at the photos I took?




34 thoughts on “Koala Sanctuary Photo Dump

  1. Oh wow how r u so amazing at photography teach me please😊😊 I love the koalas ❤️ The koala pics were the ones u sent me on iMessage right??they’re still awesome

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  2. AW, they’re so cute! *heart eyes* And you got to cuddle with a koala?! I WANNA CUDDLE WITH A KOALA! XD ❤ ❤ ❤
    Unfortunately, not all the photos are showing up for me, either. :/


  3. Mirra, I love the button you made me! I made a blog button with Mukta’s(will take your image too) on the very bottom of my blog! I figured out the code so all you have to do to swap is copy and paste the image. It should work!!!

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