The Worry Doll// Part Two

The sun shone brightly. All the birds began tweeting away, at their own pace. Ella yawned. Stretching her arms out, she slowly rolled out of bed, with her Worry Doll clutched tightly in her palm.Ella got ready for Camp. She was rather fast-paced indeed. She had a quick shower to freshen up, and ate her breakfast swiftly. She packed all of her bags that she needed for Camp. After all, she was going to be away from her parents for one night and two days.

Ella felt optimistic this time. She WAS ready to face what was waiting for her. And she knew what was awaiting. An adventure. An exciting one.

It was eight o’ clock in the morning, which meant that it was time to go to the school gates, to catch the bus which would take them to the Camp. Ella hugged her parents and her grandmother, and she checked that she did have everything. She did in fact, have all that she needed. She waved goodbye, and sprinted to school. Her heart was pumping as loud as a snare drum, but her heart pumped in full excitement.

Ella was just in time for the bus, which waited patiently outside the school gates. Ella hopped onto the vast bus, and her best friend Harriet joined her. They both greeted the bus driver, and clambered onto the seats at the front of the bus. Vroom, Vroom! The bus sped off. Harriet and Ella chatted away, about what was going on in school, as well as the new stationery set Harriet received on her birthday.

All of a sudden, Ella could feel a tingling sensation. This sensation was a bad one. She wasn’t able to sit still on the bus, and Harriet looked concerned.
‘What happened Ella? Are you okay?’ asked Harriet. Her pale face depicted the way she felt. Ella didn’t reply to Harriet.
‘I’ve forgotten it, I’ve forgotten it!’ Ella moaned.
‘Forgotten WHAT?’ questioned Harriet, bewildered.

Ella had forgotten to bring her defence, her saviour, her life- saver. She’d forgotten her Worry Doll, which sat on Ella’s bed at home. Ella panicked, She was just terrified and extremely anxious. What would she do at Camp? How would she abseil? How would she climb the high ropes? How would she do all these nerve-racking activities, all by herself?

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Hey friends! I hope like part two! All the loose strings will be tied in Part 3, the final chapter.

See you all soon!



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  1. Hello, Mirra! Thank you for inviting me to join The Writing Writers! I’m going to have to decline because I don’t have enough time to commit to another blog. Thank you again, though! 🙂

    -Clara ❤

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