Roses & Pages (Booktography) + New Blog Design Sneak Peek + Quote Freebies

*this is a scheduled post*


First up, I’ll be sharing with you some booktography by me. The AMAZING + INSPIRATIONAL Rutvi, Sam and Anj did some absolutely mind-blowing booktography, so I thought- Why can’t I have a go? So thank you SO much Rutvi, Sam and Anj for being my inspiration for this post.

Now onto the photos!! (They’ll be in collage form. Click each image to enlarge.)


What do you think of the photos?

divider 3

Next up, I have a new blog design! {Though the colour scheme is still the same}

But…. You’ll only be getting the sneak peak of the signoff!

Mirra.G Signoff.png

divider 3


Below, I have a few quote freebies by me that you can download! To download each quote, all you need to do is to RIGHT CLICK each image, and hit SAVE AS.

Freebie #1

Freebie #2

Freebie #3.jpg

divider 3

So, what do YOU think? Do you like my photography? My graphic design? Which quote is YOUR fave?

Let me know in the comments.

Mirra.G Signoff



27 thoughts on “Roses & Pages (Booktography) + New Blog Design Sneak Peek + Quote Freebies

  1. Great pictures! Plus is it weird that I could recognise every font you used back there? 😛 I’ve been polishing my font collection and deleted like FIFTY of them, and I don’t think I’ll be surprised if I’ve dowloaded just as many. XD

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