How I See My True Self + Awesome Reads (Part 1)

Have you noticed? You’ve never been able to see your TRUE self. After all, seeing yourself in the mirror is just a reflection of yourself. And other people commenting on your appearance is how THEY see you, not how you see yourself. And you know what, I’ve been able to discover my true self.

I’m a girl, who believes that writing is her world. The pen is my body, and the ink inside it is my blood. I love to spend time with myself, especially sitting down in a corner and writing. I don’t see myself as how others see me- A random girl with waist- length black hair, brown eyes and tiny purple glasses. Some people tease me about my appearance, but I really don’t take it into my mind. I see myself as something different.

I see myself as a unique pen, which writes words each day. I believe that the words I write give me a clear picture of life.

And so next time, think about seeing your true self. Think about the things you love, and how they make you you. And the main thing is that you don’t have to worry about how others see you, it’s all about how you see yourself. Β Be sure to stay true to yourself, and you’ll be sure to see yourself as something amazing. I’m sure that every one of you has an inspirational self, you just need to believe in yourself, and you can become anything.

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Friends, what do you think? Be sure to leave some feedback for me in the comments.

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Now onto ‘Awesome Reads!’
Awesome Reads is a feature that recommends other amazing blogs that lie in the blogosphere! I’ll be doing this feature in five posts, and there will be six blogs shown in each post. But believe me, I follow almost 90 blogs. So yeah, this’ll be hard for me since I love each and every blog I follow!

Now onto the five bloggers I’ve chosen today!

1) A Notebook, One Pen and Me by Saanvi

 A Notebook One Pen and Me

Saanvi has a simple but gorgeous blog. Her writing is so deep and wonderful, and she’s super talented!

I love her blog, and it’s 10/10 stars from me!!! Be sure to check her blog out, it’s awesome.

2) Forever and Everly by May

May has an entertaining, lively and fun blog! She’s really great at Graphic Design, writing, and giving me book recommendations. (Like I have to read Six of Crows NOW.) She’s a kind and inspirational blogger!

I definitely love her blog- a straight 10/10!

3) Capturing and Creating by Rutvi

Rutvi’s blog is really nice. I love the content of it, and the design is awesome too! She’s a fellow potterhead and AG doll lover(and don’t forget GRAMMAR COP). Rutvi’s blog features some of the most funniest posts I’ve ever read, like this one and this one. Be sure to read the posts, and laugh your head off!

People, this blog is a 10/10!


4) My Homeschool Notebook by Zielle

Zielle is a kind, sweet blogger, and the resident of a fun little blog! I enjoy every one of her posts, and her graphic design is so pretty! I love her watercolour elements.

People you might be getting bored of the rating, but I seriously mean it- 10/10!!!! XD

5) Dreamer’s Dreams by Arunima

Dreamer’s Dreams is a gorgeous blog. Arunima’s writing is loved by me, and her poetry and stories (refer to this post) is so inspirational!

Arunima, I give your blog a 20/20 (because it’s an equal alternative for 10/10 XD, and I’m bored of giving out 10/10 to every blog, though the blog is awesome! XD) I’m weird.

Excuse that, friends.

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What did you think of this post overall? The first part was the serious me, and the second part was the peculiar me. XD Anyway, comment below!

Mirra Granger

(I’m currently without a proper signoff)





38 thoughts on “How I See My True Self + Awesome Reads (Part 1)

  1. I loved the bit about not knowing your true self – it’s something I struggle with a lot. I hardly know who I am; but I’m okay with that. Mystery is good for spicing things up πŸ™‚ And the blogs you mentioned are all really cool! I’ve only heard of May’s, but I’m checking out the others and I’m in awe. Great post! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For the beginning part, I was very touched by that. Like honestly I can relate so much and the words you said are so inspirational. I have never seen you but I would just like to say that from your blog I think you are a beautiful person and an amazing writer so keep being yourself ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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