An Autumn Breeze (A Poem) & Awesome Reads {Part 2}

An Autumn Breeze

I stand
Gripping hands with my mother
Our hair flies as free as a bird
In an autumn breeze.

A group of flaming leaves
Soar and land below the dry trees
A flood of leaves, a gorgeous sight to see
In an autumn breeze.

The streets whisper
And finally hush and fall asleep
The soft and calm wind puts them to rest
And a canopy of stars are revealed.

All this beauty
Natural beauty
Can be glimpsed with our gifted eyes
In an autumn breeze.

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What do you think of the poem? Let me know in the comments.

Now time for-


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The blogs I’ve chosen today :-

1)A Barefoot Gal by Megan

Megan has an OUTSTANDING blog! She has a gorgeous blog design, she does mind-blowing photography and she’s a really kind blogger!

I give Megan- 10/10!

2)A Farm Girl’s Life by Allison

Allison is one of THE MOST SWEET AND CARING bloggers I’ve ever met. She has an amazing blog, and I love her poetry, photography and clayations posts! Her blog design is really pretty too.

Allison, I give you a sharp 10/10 stars!

3)Stuffie Adventures by Rebcake

Stuffie Adventures

Now Rebcake is the resident of one of the MOST CUTEST BLOGS I’VE EVER SEEN! Some posts on her blog are in the P.O.V of her stuffies, and yeah, her blog is basically AMAZING! ❤

Rebcake- A straight 10/10!

4) Clara and Co by Clara

Clara and Co was formerly Clara’s Craft Corner. Clara, again, is a really kind and sweet blogger and holds a blog with some amazing content and a beautiful design!

I love Clara’s blog, and give it a 10/10!

5) Hooves and Pens by Enni

Blog BUttton.png

Enni has a blog with an elegant design and entertaining content! I personally ADORE her blog, and yeah, she’s one of my close blogging friends. She’s a caring blogger and great friend.

Enni- 10/10!

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People, thanks so much for taking your time in reading this post! I hope you all like this ‘issue’ of Awesome Reads, and give today’s five blogs a follow!

Friends, do follow my blog and become a part of the AYWD family, thanks so much to everyone who’s already shown me your support, I really appreciate it.

I’m planning to reach 275 followers by the end of this month. I know, I need over 50 followers in a month but I’m positive we can do it.

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Thanks a bunch for reading!

Mirra Granger

(now where is my proper signoff?)



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