BIBPC #5, Category 1 {Fruit}

Hello there! It’s finally time for BIBPC, which is also known as Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest. This awesome contest is hosted by the wonderful Megan @ A Barefoot Gal.

My team on BIBPC #5:


Yup, I’m on Team Pineapple!

And may I present my picture for Category 1!

Hovering Above a Pineapple

BIBPC #5 Category 1



So, I captured this pic in Singapore. The smell of the pineapple was SO GOOD, it smelled of fragrant flowers and honey mixed together! I couldn’t and still can’t help wishing to be the blue butterfly, sucking on the pineapple.

Megan, I hope you like the pic!


Okay, see you soon!

Mirra Granger

(why don’t I stop procrastinating and get my signoff done?)




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