NaPoWriMo 2017


 I’ll be posting my poems for NaPoWriMo (stands for National Poetry Writing Month) 2017 on this very page. I hope you have a look at this page every day, so you can see what poetry goodness I have in store for you this April!

1/4/17- Day 1


Every thing has a beginning,

Which always has a big ending.

Beginnings can be found everywhere,

In a story, in a stair.

I just began this writing challenge,

To satisfy my poetry scavenge.

This will come to an end one day,

And happy things are all I have to say.

2/4/17- Day 2


She was lost in her own world,

She didn’t know how to get out,

A knot was pulling her,

From getting rid of her doubt.

She hid everything she did,

Everyone was worried and sad.

Though what she did was never wrong,

They thought that it was bad.

The girl was often misunderstood,

No one could get what she said.

She tried her best to get rid of the knot,

But it all pulled her to her bed.

She tossed and turned in depression,

She wanted to speak freely,

She soon released herself out of the cage,

The girl wasn’t tangled, she moved along happily.

3/4/17- Day 3

Wavering Mind

My mind flickers away,

In one place it will never stay.

From writing a book, to giving an ice-cream a lick,

My mind travels far, very quick.

My mind listens to a gazillion things each time,

Like listening to the clock’s hourly chime.

My mind is special, because it thinks of unique things,

And this poem is what it brings.

4/4/17- Day 4


You sit in my hands,
When I don’t know what to do,
You are my saviour in the times,
When I have no clue.

Wherever I go,
You’ll come with me,
If I’m lost anywhere,
For me you’ll see.

5/4/17- Day 5


Everything perfectly done,
Is what others expect,
Imperfection helps us,
But they all reject.

Every word error-free,
Is what others want,
Mistakes help us learn,
Accept the truth, they can’t.

Our imperfections,
Help us learn new things,
We’re always ourselves,
Even when those perfectionists pluck our strings.

6/4/17- Day 6

What Happens In A Birthday

Birthdays come every year,
Celebrating the day, you don’t have to fear.

The cake is cut, the candles are blown,
In every action, happiness is shown.

Joy is what makes this day fun,
It’s as if the day’s near the sun.

There’s only positive vibes, throughout the time,
Good thoughts, into my brain, they climb.

My parents are so loving and gentle,
They’ve made this day extremely special.

7/4/17- Day 7


Your arms covered with leaves,
Reach out to me,
Your thick body covered in bark,
Stands tall and proud,
The wind whistles,
All around.
You are a beauty,
Full of nature.

8/4/17- Day 8


Believe in yourself,
It helps you a lot,
When you’re in danger,
Belief is in your pot.

You proceed,
Confident in yourself,
You were safe after all,
Without help from anyone else.

9/4/17- Day 9

Moving On

It’s tough,
Leaving everything behind,
Tears fall out,
But all you can do is move on.

Life is unpredictable,
You never know what happens,
A disaster might occur, sad things may take place,
But all you can do is move on.

10/4/17- Day 10


It’s dark and gloomy,
In the sinister night,
But don’t fear cause their’s something hidden,
Something rather bright.

11/4/17- Day 11

The Beach’s Beauty

You have soft sand,
Like mini yellow pearls.
Beside you are aqua waves,
In my face the water hurls,

I stand in the border,
Between the gold and blue,
I can feel the cool waves covering my feet,
How much beauty do you have, I’ve got no clue.

12/4/17- Day 12


I recall my sister named Sue,
Who’d sit near me with the flu.
Have no fear, I’d say,
I’m with you anyway,
And I’ll take good care of you.

13/4/17- Day 13


I’m gifted,
With two lovely parents,
A lovely and safe home,
Food to satisfy my hunger,
Enough water to destroy my thirst,
Hundreds of loyal friends,
A great education.
What more do I need?
Nothing more.

14/4/17- Day 14

Be like an Archer

Be like an archer,
A person who tries to get bulls-eye,
An archer isn’t afraid to fall,
He’s ready to aim high.

15/4/17- Day 15

The Horizon

I’ve always had a childish thought,
That the sea and horizon meet.
I’ve wanted to have a look at this,
From the edge of my seat.

My childish excitement was falling,
Because people said it wasn’t true,
The horizon might not meet, the sea might not join,
But I still believe in it, how about you?

16/4/17- Day 16

My Pen

Your metal is my body,
Your ink is my blood,
The words come out of me,
Like a gigantic flood.

17/4/17- Day 17

What teachers do

Good teachers teach,
While great teachers enlighten.
Great teachers help us learn new things,
By them, our days brighten.

18/4/17-  Day 18

Hello { A Poem Inspired By Arunima }

The five-lettered word
Builds friends,
The happiness of the word,
Never ends.

The words builds relationships,
Ones that last for long,
About this lovely word, I could just,
Sing a tuneful song.

19/4/17- Day 19

My friend

My very best friend,
Will always be me.

20/4/17- Day 20


My eyes twitch around,
They flicker and flutter in a quiet sound.
They help me notice things, how important would this be?
Without these two precious things, I’d never be able to see.
I thank my eyes for helping me,
They let me glimpse, they let me see.

21/4/17- Day 21


If someone dear has gone from my life,
Would I just only cry?
Thinking about the happy times with him,
Don’t cry, with all my effort I’ll try.

But it’s alright to feel sad once in a while,
If life changes like this,
The sadness won’t take over me though,
But him, I’ll really miss.

22/4/17- Day 22


I fly into the air,
With my wings on either side,
I look down below,
And see the rising tide.

I feel thirst killing me,
So I fly down in despair,
I need water urgently,
So I fling my wings in the air.

A fellow gull saves me,
Before I’m too late,
The kind gull provides me with water,
So I luckily escape my fate.

23/4/17- Day 23


Life’s a journey,
There’s bumps and bends,
And make sure to make the most of it,
Before your life ends.

24/4/17- Day 24


Anger takes over me,
I feel like ripping the world,
But it’s okay sometimes,
To shout and be hurled.

25/4/17- Day 25


Why do we love
To criticise the universe
When we all
Never examine oursselves?

26/4/17- Day 26

My Childhood

My childhood
With no worries
Filled with happiness
No burdens of jobs
With dear friends
My childhood
Is a joyous one
But will never come back again.

27/4/17- Day 27


My mum
Always thinks for everyone
Puts herself in others’ shoes
Explains difficult sums
Feels upset if I do
Looking after me with care
When I’m very unwell
And she always makes life
The place where I belong.

28/4/17- Day 28


I’m different
All the time
I am
And I will always be

29/4/17- Day 29


The place where I belong,
The place above all,
The place where I feel safe,
I will never fall.
There will never place,
In the globe,
Will never be equivalent to,

30/4/17- Day 30


The poetry challenge
Is over
But I will always remember
Writing thirty poems
In thirty days.
It’s been
A wonderful experience.




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